Our Adventages

  • 10 year warranty on all services, warranty transfers to next owners
  • Free Estimates
  • Company responsible for all permits and inspection
  • Local recommendations available on demand
  • $700.00 for $1000.00 credit toward any remodeling project

Testimonials !

  • John did all the tile work in the kitchen and bath, matching it perfectly with the existing tile in both rooms. He also built wooden built-ins with cabinets and drawers in our master bedroom and new office. He is extremely detail oriented and very skilled. His trim work is perfection. He offers ideas and is an absolute pleasure to have around. Read More
  • Artistic Construction took what seemed to be a huge disaster and created something I never imagined my basement could be....even better at a very reasonable price.He was not the lowest price I was quoted, however, his pictures on previous jobs and his responsiveness whenever I called made him standout above the five other companies I contacted.I left him access to my home and in addition to being GREAT at his work he and his brother were extremely trustworthy. Read More
  • John was always very accommodating and responsive to what I wanted done. He was very neat and clean and offered many suggestions to help me. He did many extras such as putting up decorations and curtain hardware . He does good work and I will use him again. Read More
  • They were always on time, they took the time to go with us to look at the cabinets. They provided their opinions in all aspects of getting it designed and proved very helpful. They were very patient with us which was nice. Read More

 Complete Home Renovation Service NJ Licensed & Insured


What's more important than the exterior of your home is definitely its interior conception. As it reflects your personality & life style. Artistic construction contractors are among North Jersey most recognized for their design & quality home interior renovation.  more


Traditionally in America the kitchen is the favorite family home gathering spot. Renovating your kitchen not only adds value to your home, but also brings more quality to your family moments. Ask us on how to accommodate your family with a suitable kitchen.  more


A master bathroom is an essential comfort place in every home. A warm bubbly relaxing bath after a long stressful work day, makes it worth investing in your bathroom renovation. Seek advice from us on best bathroom renovation at best rates ... read more

Room Additions

A growing family is an exiting thing to think about, but it surely needs a home expansion and room additions. A well planed and structured expansion of your property and a correct reparation of the new additional space, will not only bring the ... read more

Basement Remodeling

he basement is one of the less-often seen parts of a house or a building; however, it is also one of the most functional and useful areas. For residences, the basement mainly serves as a storage room for the things not frequently used, and ... read more

Exteriors & Decking

The exterior design of your home is the 1st impression your visitors gets about your property! Renovating it provides you and your guest with memorable experiences. Along with adding a deck, renovation will ameliorate the use of property space and increase it's value. read more

About Artistic Construction NJ

We Are One Of The Top Home Remodeling General Contractors In North New Jersey. Our Porto folio Speaks Of Our Work...

Making the decision to renovate your home is always a smart choice but also a tough financial decision. And whatever the decision that incites you to renovate your home could be, our team of experienced designers and architects and general contractors can surely provide you with best advice on how to go about achieving a successful home renovation project while remaining within your dedicated budget.

Based of Haledon NJ Artistic Construction has been known in North NJ for offering quality-driven construction, remodeling and renovation services. Our licensed, certified and hardworking experienced contractors each with a specialty such; kitchen, bathroom, basement, interior or exterior renovation – are all dedicated to completing a home renovation project on schedule, within your budget and always with a focus on quality.

We provide several contracting services in the northern part of the State of New Jersey including:
    • Complete Home Renovation
    • Bathroom Renovation
    • Kitchen Renovation
    • Interior & Exterior Renovation
    • Framing & crown molding
    • Finished basements
Wood work & more ...

How does our renovation / remodeling process work ?

After identifying the type of renovation you'd like to make to your property, our professional sales team will contact you to set up our initial consultation – which will review several individual elements including:
  • The nature of home renovation project to be completed
  • Discussing your budget, time constraints and other details
  • Develop a strategy to get the job done safely, professionally and within your budget
  • Laying down specific and honest cost estimates

Discover Our Services

flooring & titles The floor—it is one of the few things people notice in home or an office. Why? Simple, because they walk on it. Many people are fascinated, as well, buy home interior designers can make a simple flooring look so elegant or an elegant flooring look plain. In a home, though, it is best that the flooring is not just designed to capture the interest of guests, but also to ensure safety of both the residents and the guests. read more

handyman-serviceLeaking ceilings or walls, flickering lights, malfunctioning switches, or any kind of dysfunction of a home can be frustrating to residents and homeowners alike. They can disturb sleeping patterns, study habits, and other daily routines. And worse, no matter how easy they may seem to be fixed, many residents and homeowners cannot do it themselves for the lack of skills or the needed equipments, and this is where people hire handyman services. read more

deckingAdding a deck to a front or a backyard of a house is beautifying, yet a charming and functional expansion to the property giving it more real estate value. A deck can also be a space for family and friends fun gatherings as much as it can be a quite spot to relax and enjoy outdoors. read more

 flood-repairsFlood—it is one of just some of the natural calamities that plague us. It can come in a flash or gradual manner, but either way, it causes great damage. Not only that your home get soaked in water, but it also destroys furniture, electric appliances, decors, and other fixtures.

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